My teaching philosophy

I believe we all learn actively. Children have their own unique learning styles, strengths, and challenges. My role as a teacher is to create an environment that enables learning for all students and all learning styles, while helping children expand their suite of learning tools.
Teaching is most effective when students embrace their own learning. To achieve this, I engage students in setting and maintaining clear goals and standards; use inquiry-based learning to facilitate critical thinking; differentiate my teaching approach to offer every child the opportunity to succeed; and provide open, meaningful assessment.
My goals for every student are that they: achieve the appropriate curriculum outcomes to the best of their ability; learn skills that enable them to enter society as active, engaged and productive citizens; develop their ability co-operate, communicate and contribute as individuals and members of a group; engage with the opportunities offered by the school environment; and take responsibility for their own learning.
My teaching embraces strategies like co-operative learning, because it enables students to share their strengths, support each other and communicate more effectively with their peers. I use ICT across the primary curriculum, because it is readily adaptable to the needs and strengths of different students. While it can improve engagement in the classroom, I also believe that preparing students to be confident, yet prudent digital citizens is one of my fundamental responsibilities as a teacher.
My classroom is a calm and friendly place to learn. I am firm when I need to be, but the students are my team and we work together to identify and achieve our goals. I establish clear and reasonable rules about how we speak and listen to each other and I model them every moment I am in the school.

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