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How an Early Medieval Historian Worked: Methodology and Sources in Bede’s Narrative of the Gregorian Mission to Kent Shaw’s attempt to reconstruct Bede’s sources is fascinating in its own right. This dissertation interrogates each statement in Bede’s account of the Gregorian mission to Kent, and extrapolates where the content originates. It’s valuable as an insight into how a medieval historian might have worked, but it’s even more interesting as a lense through […]

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How can we teach kids to question? ~ A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger Warren Berger provides a quick summary of the question formulation method: Teachers design a “Question Focus.” This involves coming up with a premise or opening statement that can provide a focal point for generating questions from the students. (e.g., “Torture can be justified.”) Students produce questions. Within a time limit, students (usually broken […]

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50 fun call-and-response ideas to get students’ attention There are plenty of ideas in this list that are US-specific for one reason or another, but there are also a stack that would work in an Australian context. The key to effective call and response must be, though, how got establish it with the class. The children need to understand the response you’re […]

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